Alcohol & Drug use on a Construction site

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In the White Card course you will review why Alcohol and drug use is a serious concern for those working in the construction industry. Statistics taken from a report of alcohol and drug consumption by tradesmen, reveal that 50 percent of adult workers and 60 percent of apprentices drink alcohol at levels that put them at risk. Alarmingly, statistics also indicate that 20 percent of workers report use of cannabis and 5 percent report the use of methamphetamine.

Why is this important? Alcohol and drug use in any industry can be a cause for serious injury and carry significant negative impacts on the individuals and those who work around them. Some of the negative impacts of alcohol and drug use include:

  • Accidents and injury
  • Absenteeism
  • Lower productivity
  • Staff turnover
  • Poor morale and working relationships

What can you do to prevent alcohol and drug related harm in the workplace?

The key factor for the success of any alcohol and drug harm prevention program is the cooperation between all workers in the industry. This includes management, employees and visitors on any construction site. When working together to prevent harm related to alcohol and drug abuse, the goal is attainable.

The four components to an effective alcohol and drug program are:

  • A written drug and alcohol policy
  • Education and training to inform managers and workers of the policy
  • Available counselling and treatment for workers with alcohol or drug problems
  • Regular evaluation of the policy to determine its effectiveness

Most importantly, an alcohol and drug program is only effective if it is meeting the specific needs of the workplace. Programs should be tailored to suite the specific conditions, needs and resources of each workplace.

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