Construction Industry Ready for Boom Times

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It appears the Construction Industry is preparing itself for the boom times, when the mining industry takes a downturn in the coming yearsAccording the CommSec chief economist Craig James he predicts that people who work in the building and construction trade will have the upper hand.Whilst home loans have been at record low levels for some time, more loans are being taken out for the construction of houses and apartments you tend to expect that is going to translate into more building work happening. It’s the same in terms of council approvals to build new dwellings — they’re at record highs,” Mr James said.

While construction might not pay the same six-figure salaries as mining, it could benefit more people.

The workers who obtain a White Card Online will certainly benefit from the builders, the carpenters to all the people providing curtains and carpets and landscape gardeners and light fittings. You think about the whole process of building a home all these people are getting extra dollars and they’re able to spend that through the economy,” Mr James said.

“And it’s likely to be broader in context whereas mining is much more specific to certain parts of Australia…we are going to see a number of boats being lifted all at one time.”

“It’s by no means doom and gloom for mining services, it’s just different sorts of companies are going to get the benefit.”

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