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Construction Safety Role: Health and Safety Representatives 

The role of a HSR (Health and Safety Rep) is generally limited to their work group unless there is a serious risk to the health or safety of other workers from an immediate hazard or a worker in another work group asks for their assistance, and the HSR for that other work group is found to be unavailable.

A Health and Safety Representative can:

  • Inspect the workplace, construction site, or any area where work is carried out by a worker in the work group
  • Accompany a workplace health and safety inspector during an inspection of the construction area the HSR represents
  • Be present at an interview with a worker that the HSR represents (with their consent) and the PCBU or an inspector about health and safety issues
  • Request a health and safety committee be established
  • Monitor compliance measures by the PCBU
  • Represent the work group in health and safety matters for the construction area
  • Investigate complaints from members of the work group on the site
  • Different States have like NSW or QLD White Card use different requirements
  • Inquire into any risk to the health or safety of workers in the work group.

A Health and Safety Representative is not personally liable for anything done, or not done, in good faith while carrying out their role.


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