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We all lose stuff.

Your White Card is no exception. Sometimes your wallet can go missing or you have moved house and stored your White Card in a safe place. Only to forget months later just when you need it.

Well now you can organise a Replacement White Card.  White Card Courses can issue you a replacement white card with our online service.

Here is how it works
1. Click the Start Now Button or Replacement White Card

2. Select the White Card Replacement Option

3. Read our Introduction to make sure you qualify for a replacement card

4. Provide us with some personal details and where to we send the White Card to which address

5. Provide us with your signature – this is done online (we need it to put on your new card)

6. Complete the Statutory Declaration we provide to you outlining the circumstances in which your card was lost, stolen or destroyed. This declaration must be witnessed by an authorised person.

The cost to provide a replacement White Card is $35.00- so you save a bit of money from having to complete the course again. However more importantly you save the time as you can receive your Replacement White Card very quickly.

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