Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Construction Site Induction

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What is Construction Site Induction?

Construction site induction training is for all people who will be on a construction project site.  This includes all workers involved in the construction project. It also includes any visitors who may visit the site.  Including project owners.

Training needs to be specific to the scope of the project.  Different projects will require different types of training. You will need to complete training throughout the different phases of the project.  The risks will change as the work changes.

Who needs Construction Site Induction Training?

Anyone working on a construction project needs to l complete Construction Site Induction Training.  This includes the Owner, the project manager, builders, sub-contractors, contractors, etc. This training is important in keeping workers safe while working on the project. Find out more about these Construction Site Roles 

Visitors should enter the construction zone with an escort.    Any visitor without an in a working construction site should receive workplace induction.  Visitors need to be aware of all the risks and safety precools while visiting the project site.  It is important to keep all visitors safe while on the construction site.

Why do you need Construction Site Induction training?

Completing the Construction site induction training informs those on the construction site of risks while on the site. This includes general construction as well as site-specific construction projects.  What protocols are required while on site? What safety procedures are required?

It is also to inform them of everything they need to be aware of while on site?  What risks they need to be looking out for. What should they do if there is an emergency?

How do you get Construction Site Induction Training?

There are several ways that you can do induction training.   It can depend on a few different things. What is the size of the project?  How many people will be on-site? What type of construction work is being completed on-site?  What phase of construction is the project in?

Here are a few ways that you can complete induction training.

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