Why do you need PPE Equipment?

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What is PPE? Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is required to help with safety and health risks that can happen in certain lines of work.  This can include such items as gloves, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety harnesses, and safety footwear. It can also mean googles, helmets and protective suits.  Things like a respirator or body suit that protects you from chemicals. This is important to make the workplace safe to work in. It is required to protect your lungs, body, skin, head, and eyes from damage that could happen.

Here in Australia, it is required that the employer makes every effort to make the work environment free of hazards.  This is almost impossible on a construction site. With the building being erected and the heavy machinery and tools of the trait.  This is why your employer is required to offer PPE (Personal protection equipment.) when it is required. Hard hats, ear plugs and safety goggles are three very important PPE for the construction industry.

As part of the White Card Online you do need to demonstrate fitting on your PPE equipment

Construction Industry PPE

Working in the construction industry there are definitely things to watch out for.  The tools and nature of the business make the building areas a bit dangerous. The most important protection from these dangers is being alert and aware of your surroundings.  When using the various tools ensure you are using safely and do not disable any of the safety features you find on them.

Hearing protection is important as the job sites tend to get a bit loud.  The nail guns, hammers, heavy equipment, air compressors and more can certainly take a toll on the hearing.  This is why having the proper hearing protection is important. You want to hear your grandkids in the future, the future starts with the now.  Once a hearing loss has started, there isn’t a way to fix that, protection will prevent it.

The hard hat can help save your head from any hard hits.  Things get dropped from above, and equipment slides off. Having the hard hat on could save your life.    Your head is one of your most valuable assets and deserves to be protected.

In Australia for the White Card you need to have the following Hard Hat, Safety Vest, Eye and Ear Protection

Get your PPE to Fit Properly

And, PPE such as goggles are important on a construction site due to the debris that is all around.  When in demolition, a building can have debris flying everywhere. Or using a jackhammer can make bits of concrete go airborne.  Having your head, ears and eyes protected is important. When using a hammer, the impact can make debris bounce back into your eyes.  Installing insulation can be a bit messy and having eye protection is important. Ensure the eye protection fits properly as well as all PPE fit properly.

A proper fit is certainly important with all personal protection gear.  After all, if you glasses slide down your face and your job is looking down all day, you are defeating the purpose of the gear.  If your hard hat is too big or small it won’t protect your head properly. They make various sizes for a reason. Speak up if your personal protection equipment doesn’t fit properly.

PPE works only when it is worn properly.

To find out about the Safe Work Practices in Construction 



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