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Every single State and Territory within Australia are now accepting and recognising the National White Card for Construction  Induction.

The National Training Code of CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry. has become the industry standard and benchmark for those who need a White Card. Previously each state would deliver a different White Card course, which became quite difficult if you had to move between states for work you would need to get another White Card, and you would still do the same training.

Today’s  White Card is now replacing the old Blue Card from WA and QLD. The Red Card from Victoria and the Green Card from NSW. To ensure currency the White Card also superseedes any Construction card issued before September 2009.

Due to the changes in legislations it is now far easier for people who need a White Card to be able to travel across state/territory boundaries without the hassles to re-do another White Card course, similar to what they have already done.

So if you already have a White Card you do not need to complete another course unless of course it was issued before September 2009 or you have not worked in 3 years.

If you have lost your QLD White Card or are seeking a cheap white card for Queensland delivered online we recommend starting the course.

Does QLD accept White Card’s from other states?

The QLD White Card  is accepted in every state. This makes learning so much easier so you can get onto your job site or workplace so much faster…Employers are aware of these requirements and recommend an online course if you need to start work quickly.


Even the  Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Website states:
A person holding a current general construction induction card from another jurisdiction will not need to undertake general induction training for construction work in Queensland and will not need to obtain a Queensland construction induction card.

Just makes sense!

Lost your QLD White Card or need a replacement, we have the answers

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