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Yes the SA White Card for  South Australia is now available and easy to get started. Our Course is Nationally Recognised and issued by an RTO. Making it even easier for you to commence work either at home or if you are travelling across the country.

Finally the Australian government have recognised the need for consistency in their construction training.  Every State and Territory now works as one  National Standard White Card Induction, CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

Before the new White Card was replaced there were Blue Cards,  Red Cards and Green Cards. If you hold one of these cards or  a White Card issued prior to Sept. 2009. You will need to complete our course to receive the latest White Card

All States and Territories now issue the new National Standard White Card and all of these cards are mutually accepted across State and Territory borders. Therefore if you have a NSW White Card it will be accepted in South Australia, or Queensland.

Does South Australia Accept the Other White Card’s?

Yes. Online White Cards or White Card completed in other states are accepted by SA Worksafe inspectors.

SafeWork SA is bound by ‘Mutual Recognition Principles’ to accept all cards issued by any jurisdiction , therefore a SafeWork SA Inspector will accept any card onsite”

For more information about the rules in South Australia click here .
Some workplaces may implement a higher standard than what is legally required, so it is recommended that you check with your employer as to what construction induction is necessary.

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