Safety Work Tips for the Construction Industry

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Here we have put together some great tips for your personal safety when working on a Construction or Building site

Please note some of this information may be in your White Card course

Storage of materials and equipment:

  • Safe and organised manner so they can be retrieved again safely
  • In accordance with SDS and legislation
  • Cannot fall on a person or cause injury ( e.g. through projection of sharp edges)
  • Flammable and combustible materials – do not store more than is necessary!

Removal of debris:

  • Should continually be removed to prevent build up
  • Build up could affect entry/exit to a site and pose a fire hazard
  • Disposal must not create a risk to the environment


  • Includes things such as food scraps and wrappings, paper etc.
  • Must be disposed of in proper containers ( e.g. garbage bins)
  • Disposal must not pose a risk to the environment

Bullying and Harassment

  • Bullying and Harassment in the workplace occurs when a reasonable person, considering all circumstances, would anticipate that the person being harassed would be offended, humiliated or intimidated by the action or comment e.g. gender or race base insults or taunts.

Site disturbance:

  • Vehicles should always use nominated routes to limit mud soil etc. tracking onto public roads
  • Loads should be covered to prevent materials or rubbish from escaping


  • Needs to be controlled
  • Water should be applied to roads and stockpiles to limit dust and pollution of stormwater systems

Good housekeeping:

  • Essential to a safe work site
  • Every-day cleanliness, tidiness and good order in your work area
  • Machinery and equipment maintenance so they are in safe and efficient working order


  • Passive smoking is known to carry health risks and the risk should be eliminated as much as possible on site
  • Smoking should not be allowed in enclosed areas
  • If smoking on site is permitted there should be designated areas, no enclosed and at least 15 metres from any flammable or combustible goods

You will cover a lot of this information when you complete your Site Induction

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