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Every flourishing town, city and nation in the world has a construction industry. After all, without it, there’d be no roads, houses or commercial premises. So, for anyone interested in a job that’s both exciting and secure, construction is a smart career.

1. What are the different career options available?

Generally speaking, careers in construction fall into one of three categories. If you’re a practical person who enjoys physical work and fresh air, then manual work is probably best for you. Consider becoming qualified as a carpenter, welder, plumber, electrician or operator of construction equipment.

If you’re good at seeing the “big picture” and get a kick out of organising, then you could pursue a career in management. Working as either a project manager or a construction manager, you’d be in charge of making sure that the site or project in your care is working well. This might include maximising efficiency, ensuring workers’ rights are respected and checking that safety regulations are met. A management role usually requires tertiary-level qualifications and/or extensive work experience.

Another option is to specialise in a particular aspect of construction, such as surveying, estimating or inspecting, which involves knowing particular rules and regulations back to front.

2. Where can I find work in the construction industry?

There’s a variety of ways to find work in the construction industry, whether you live in NSW, QLD or some other part of Australia. If you’re starting out and would like to gain a qualification, then an excellent place to start is with an apprenticeship. This usually involves a mix of work and study and gives you the opportunity to get paid as you train.

Alternatively, if you’re keen to work as an unskilled labourer, doing tasks such as cleaning, carrying around building materials and dismantling scaffolding, then you can apply directly to a company: training isn’t necessary.

Those interested in advancing their careers can either work their way up the company ladder or think about opening their own businesses. Many construction workers in Australia also work happily as sole traders.

3. Benefits of working in the construction industry

For outdoorsy people, the most obvious benefits are spending your days in the open air, rather than sitting behind an office desk. In addition, for skilled labourers, construction work can be mentally stimulating, as it involves plenty of interesting challenges, problem-solving and learning new skills.

To maximise the financial benefits of your job, it’s smart to specialise in a complex field that requires qualifications and a license. For example, you might become a plumber, an electrician or a concreting expert. It’s not unusual for an Australian plumber to charge more than $70 per hour and construction wages have been rising steadily over the past few years. They’re usually highest in Western Australia.

Even if you earn an average income, you have the right to long service leave. This gives you two months without pay for every ten years you work, calculated according to the Australian award rate.

Getting a White Card

In order to work in the construction industry in Australia, you must have a White Card. This is what we specialise in, here at White Card Courses. When you study with us, you can complete the entire course for your White Card online and rest assured that your qualification will be recognised nationally.

Our White Card course takes just two to four hours to finish. The fact that it’s online allows you to do it anywhere, anytime – even overseas. All you need is a computer or a mobile device and an Internet connection.

We like to make learning as easy as possible. To that end, much of our training is video-based, so you don’t have to do too much tedious reading. Whenever you have a question or problem, you can access online support, even on the weekend.

Our White Card course being nationally recognised makes it easy for you to work across borders. Everywhere you go, you’ll find that your qualification is recognised by construction industry employers. The course covers all the latest in industry information and includes updates as they happen.

After passing the course, you’ll receive your certificate and White Card number via email. You can forget all about paperwork hassles.

Are you ready to launch an exciting new career in the construction industry? Why not enrol in our white card online course today? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.

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